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DOs and DON'Ts

The more information you know about your septic system, the longer your system will last. Proper maintenance will ensure that your system will perform as designed. Your septic should be pumped every 2 years; this is the most common cause for system failure.


DO:     Know the location and type of each tank and disposal area; always keep your maintenance records.

DO:     Have any septic cover accessible; do not park or drive over any part of the system, do not plant trees or shrubs too close (they can clog or damage the drain lines and/or tank) and never build anything over the system.

DO:     Check with the Health Department for service records, repairs and permits issued prior to closing.

DO:     Use your water wisely to avoid overloading the system; repair leaking faucets or toilets and divert water sources; such as roof drains and sump pumps.


DON'T:      Attempt to repair or inspect the system yourself. Always consult a professional.

DON'T:     Use any type of antibacterial soap or harsh cleaning products; household cleaners can be harmful to the bacteria that is essential for break down. Don't use powder laundry detergent.


Coffee Grinds, Dental Floss, Disposable Diapers, Cat Litter, Sanitary Napkins, Feminine Hygiene Products, Cigarette Butts, Condoms, Fat, Grease, Oil, Paper Towels, Powder or Paint Supplies

Garbage disposals should not be used with a a Septic System

Commercial Enzymes are not proven to work and should not be used.